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Kosher Restaurant

341-351 Finchley Road - JW3 London
+44.20 7433 8955 Send a message on Whatsapp
Sephardi Kashrut Authority
Opening Hours:
Sunday: 9am - 10.30pm
Monday-Thursday: 9.30am - 10.30pm
Friday (limited self service): 9.30am - 1pm
Saturday: 7pm-10.30pm**

Sunday: 10.45am-3.45pm Brunch*, 6 - 10.30pm Dinner
Monday-Thursday: 12pm - 3pm Lunch*, 6pm - 10.30pm Dinner
Friday Closed**
Saturday: 7pm-10.30pm**

*Last seating at 2.45pm for Lunch (3.45pm on Sundays)
**Last seating at 10pm for Dinner
ZEST is the restaurant, café and bar at JW3. Its ambition is to be the home of modern, kosher Jewish cooking, its food a reflection not just of the vibrancy of the cafes and restaurants of Israel today but also of their warmth and sense of hospitality.

The menu reflects this. Excellent coffee, teas, juices; warming vegetable soups; lots of mezze; imaginative salads; colourful fish dishes; a range of nibbles and ‘small plates’; and an abundance of Zest’s own cakes and desserts.

The highly colourful plates, cups, saucers, bowls and mugs on the tables at Zest have been specifically produced for us by Adama Pottery in Kibbutz Netiv Ha-Lamed Hei in the Valley of Elah, Israel. Adama has been a family affair since 1991 and belongs to Adrianna Rozental. Adrianna runs the company but she has made clear that her husband, Hanan ‘helps her on many issues’. Adrianna employs a team of seven and although they have shipped to members of their extended family around the world this is their first commercial shipment to the UK.
Map of ZEST

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