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Pranzo Express is a new line of fine and tasty food that follows with charm the Italian and international tradition. Extremely practical, in their 300gr. (10.7 ounces) package, thanks to their double wrapping, they can be heated in a few minutes in any microwave or traditional oven, even not kosher. Pranzo Express meals can satisfy the desires of the finest palates everyday and everywhere. All of the products are Glatt-Kosher under the strict supervision of the Beth Din Tzedek of Lugano.
The meals have to be ordered a few days in advance in order to be shipped at your destination.

1) Lasagne alla Bolognese
A typical Italian first course, made from hand-made pasta with genuine ingredients selected for their stimulating and exquisite flavors.

2) Tortellini with Meat Sauce
An original Italian dish from "Emilia" tradition, pasta pockets filled with the ingredients of a top-class cuisine, a stuffed first course for real gourmets.

3) Ravioli with Tomato Sauce
A five star entrée: hand-made egg pasta, highly appreciated for the delicate composition, soft and tenacious at the same time and for their particularly tasty filling.

4) Tagliatelle with Meat Sauce
A superlative dish that delights for its flavor right from the first tasting giving the palate exalting sensations.

5) Garganelli
In this original pasta dish you can find all the scent of the springtime in the variety of flavors presenting cheerful and fresh sensations.

6) Gnocchi Pasticciati
A classic entrée: the strong peculiarity of which the simplicity and harmony of flavors of seasoning.

7) Trofie al Pesto with Basil and Garlic Sauce
a basic first dish made with a few simple elements without frills, yet remarkable for the extraordinary flavor revealed at the first tasting.

8) Pennette with Mushrooms
Delicate and simple with a subtle brushwood bouquet, a refined and appetizing entrée; right for any time of the year.

9) Cannelloni dairy cholov isroel
Fine egg pasta, hand-made, stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach. A fine and delicious first dish.

10) Cous Cous
Our couscous is richly accompanied by a meat and vegetable broth. An "all-in-one" meal rich, substantial but light at the same time with a typical oriental taste

11) Tcholent
We have enriched this substantial and tasteful dish with a delicate touch of honey; it is an ideal cheerful complete meal for any occasion.

12) Curry Chicken with Pilaf Rice
A true recipe of the chef from the oriental tradition, gifted with a fascinating fragrance and unmistakable spicy taste.

13) Goulash
A typical Eastern-Europe dish, which is both rich and poor at the same time, it also gratifies the appetite with its touch of spicy flavor.

14) Roast Turkey with Potatoes and Artichokes
Light, nutritious and above all tasty, the ingredients of this main course are wisely mixed through a delicate and artful cooking.

15) Chicken Breasts with Mushrooms
Light, wholesome and nutritious, a classic tasty main dish matching a hint of country taste with the fragrance of the wood.

16) Roast Chicken with Potatoes
A classic, rustic plate, cooked in the oven to fully ensure the taste of the food, thanks to the harmonious mix of the ingredients.

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