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  • How can I see all the Synagogues and Kosher eateries located in one area?
    By clicking on the little map on the right side of each listing, the list will be restricted just to that area.
  • can you suggest a Hotel close-by a Jewish area with a Synagogues and Kosher restaurants and stores?
    Sure, just click on the Hotel icon that will take you to a page with all the Hotels close-by.
  • Are all the businesses listed on the website owned by Jews?
    While we know most of the business owners listed personally we do not take responsibility for their services nor products offered.
  • Are all the businesses listed reliable?
    Although we might know personally every business listed, we don't take any responsibility over them.

Synagogues, Shuls

  • What do I need to gain access to a Synagogue?
    Some synagogues request that you bring or fax a copy of your passport for identification, others might ask for a reference, if you know someone who prays in the synagogue he/she can bring you in.
  • How do I buy a ticket for High Holiday services?
    Synagogues in Europe don't charge for admission particularly during the High Holidays when everybody should have the right to pray.
  • I would like to sit together with my wife/husband during services, is that possible?
    Synagogues in Europe follow the Jewish Law therefore they all have a Mechitza. See Wikipedia.
  • I'm looking for a Ashkenazi Synagogue, do they exist?
    The Ashkenazi Synagogues are the ones who follow the Sefard, Ashkenaz or Ari custom. See Wikipedia.


  • I'm coming to a city where there are no Kosher stores, is there a way to get Kosher products there?
    Sure, lots of products sold in the regular stores are Kosher, for example:
    Barilla Pasta
    Rio Mare tuna with Olive Oil
    Kelloggs cereals: Corn Flakes also with chocolate, Rice Krispies, Chochos, Chombos, Miel Pops, All Bran Classic
    most juices besides tomato and grape juice.
    Here are links to more complete lists: Rabbi Yosef Hadad, Italy Kosher Union and Kosher Italian Guide.
    Alternatively you can get the Pranzo Express delivered to you or try any close-by restaurant or catering.
  • We would like to be hosted by a family or Chabad for Shabbat meals, is that possible?
    Try contacting the local Synagogue or Chabad they might be able to accomodate you, if not you can order Shabbat meals from the local Kosher caterings who can also deliver.
  • Is bread Kosher?
    Most bakeries use lard which makes the bread not-Kosher, hence it is not advisable to buy bread in stores that do not have a kosher certification, including supermarkets.
  • Is cheese and milk Kosher?
    Cheese needs a certifications since almost all cheese are produced with non-Kosher rennet, milk also poses a problem since it might be produced in the same machines that produce non-Kosher product.
  • Which Kosher Certifications are reliable?
    We don't take any responsability for the Kashrut Certifications, if you want information on the Kashrut contact the rabbis or agencys that give the certifications.


  • We would like to be hosted by an organization or a family, can you help us?
    There are no organizations that offer accomodations, families don't host strangers unless you have a reference.

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