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Jewish Tour
Clive Bettington 

Clive is the chair of the Jewish East End Celebration Society in London and he is a certified tour guide.

Following is a partial list of his tours in his words:

The Jewish Financiers of the City
This walk examines the extraordinary role Jewish financiers and industrialist played in ensuring that the City became the greatest financial centre in the world for so many years. The great financial dynasties the Rothschilds , the Sassoons and the Warburgs are discussed as well as other great Jewish financiers.
Walk starts at Bank Station underground

Literary history of the Ghetto
In this walk I discuss the famous literary figures who emerged from the Jewish immigrants community who up to the second world war dominated this area. Among the writers I discuss are Arnold Wesker, Emanuel Litvinoff, Wolf Mankowitz and Israel Zangwill
Walk starts from Aldgate East Tube

The Jewish East End WWll and the Holocaust
This walk looks at the history of the Jewish East End during WWll, and how the Holocaust impacted on the lives and politics of the area. The response of literary figures in the area, such as Emanuel Litvinoff and Bernard Kops will be examined in detail.
Walk starts at Aldgate East Tube

Jewish Chelsea
This walk through one of th most beautiful and interesting suburbs in England discusses the famous Jews in the area or non-Jews who had close links with the Jewish. community Among the famous people discussed will be Harold Pinter,Joseph Losey, Oscar Wilde, John Singer Sargent, Ronnie Scott, Sir Jacob Epstein and Halsey Ricardo. There will be a viist to an unknown Jewish cemetery which close in the Victorian era and contains the graves of famous Jewish musician writers and politicians
Walk starts from the Sloane Square Tube

Jewish Bloomsbury
This walk looks at the extraordinary Jewish contribution to this area , particualrly those Jews who fled Nazi Europe in the interwar years. I discuss Leonard Woolf and his marriage to Virginia, psychoanalysts Sigmund and Anna Freud and their rivalry with Melnaie Klein, The Warburg Institute, the novelist Amy Levy, Disraeli, Gertrude Stein etc etc.
I also look at some Jewish villains including Lord Duveen and Sir Aurel Stein.
Walk starts at Russell square tube

Jewish Hampstead
This walk though one of London’ most delightful suburbs looks at The Tavistock clinic and the famous Jewish psychoanalysts associated with it. Freuds house, and discusses other famous Jews linked to Hampstead, including Dora Gaitskell, Margharita Laski. Pevsner, Anna Pavlova, Eleanor Farjeon etc etc.
Walk starts at Swiss Cottage tube

Jewish Soho and Fitzrovia
This walk through London’s bohemia examines the Jewish history of the area , It was not a ghetto as was the East End of London , but the Jewish presence was considerable. We shall look at Berwick street where the first branch of Marks and Spencers in London was started. Among the famous (or sometimes infamous Jews) we shall be discussing will be Leon Trotsky and his Bolshevik club, Lucian Freud, Leonard Woolf an Virginia, Paul Raymond Karl Marx and Ronnie Scott and Jack Spot.We shall discuss in details Lionel Barts musical and Woolf Mankowitz’s film Expresso Bong which were set in the area. Institutions like the Ben Uri art Gallery and the Jews Free School Westminster will also be discussed.
Walk Starts in Soho Square next to the statue of Charles ll

Jewish Émigré Hampstead
This walk looks at Hampstead as the destination of so many Jews fleeing Europe with particular emphasis on the German and Austrian Jews fleeing Nazi Europe. People discussed include the Freuds, Melanie Klein, Eva Figes, Alfred Kerr Elias Canetti and Anton Walbrook

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