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Some history of the JoodsAntwerpen
About us

We are a non-profit organization that was founded in 2012 from a variety of volunteers. A team consisting of (orthodox) Jewish people and Christians with a heart for the land of the Bible, Israel.


A bridge between the Jewish people in Antwerp and the different groups of nationalities, organizations and communities.


Promote friendship between communities.

That there is more love, compassion and understanding for the Jewish people.

Getting to know the ways that the Eternal prepared for His people.

Give an impetus to this beautiful neighborhood 'The Jerusalem of the North'.

Jewish Tour

A walk about 2 hours through the Jewish quarter with an explanation of Jewish life, culture and history. Open from Sunday to Friday. Not possible on Sabbath (Saturday).
Groups max. 30 people per guide.
Price per group 60 euros - from 15 people 4 euros pp
Option: Possibility to visit a synagogue where you will receive an explanation from a rabbi.
30 minutes 40 euros to 10 people - from 10 people 4 euros pp
60 minutes 60 euros to 12 people - from 12 people 6 euros pp
90 minutes 80 euros to 12 people - from 12 people 8 euros pp
Prices for customized school communities.
Option: Possibility to stop during the walk at Beni Falafel for a light snack such as a falafel sandwich from 3 euro pp
Option: Possibility of lunch or dinner in the Yiddish restaurant Hoffy's with explanation of the chef about the kosher cuisine, dishes and food laws.
Price: 3-course dinner with spring water from 29 euro pp
Possibility to bring tasty dishes from the caterer's eye.
Afterwards you can visit the Jewish shops and the diamond district on your own.

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