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Kosher Caterings
Kosher Caterings
C˘te Ó C˘te (Banqueting and Catering)
Via G. B. Morgagni, 37 - 20129 Milan
Certification: Rabbi A. Hazan, Glatt Kosher
Responsible: Amos Nahum;
Elite Kosher Catering (Catering)
Via E. Fermi, 9 - Paderno Dugnano - Milan
Responsible: Isacco Minkovitz;
Pimento (Delicatering)
Responsible: Afshin Kaboli;
Snubar (Catering)
Via Massarenti, 22 - Milan
Responsible: Paula Halwani;
Fantasie Romane (Full catering service)
Certification: Beth Din Rome or Chabad
Responsible: Marco Fedele;
Le Bon Ton (Italian and Israeli Catering, Take Away and Shabbat Meals)
Via Casoria 19 - Rome
Certification: Beth Din Rome, Glatt and Chalav Israel on request
Responsible: Giovanni Terracina; Email:
Pia Casa Gentilomo
Via Cologna 29 - Trieste
Medico (Catering)
Via Martiri della LibertÓ, 4 - Turin
Certification: Jewish Community, Just by advance request, otherwise NOT Kosher.

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