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Rome on Segway 

Uria Davidson;
“Rome on Segway Tours & Rent” offers a unique and new way to explore the eternal city without sweat or fatigue.
During the Tour we will show you around the city's highlights, but also take you to several secret and hidden corners of the city as well. You won't have to worry about how to get from one place to the other as we will glide our way with the famous Segway smile!
Our 3 hours and a half tours part every day at 10:00, 15:00, 19:00 and cost between 75-85 Euro, depending on tour type and number of participants.
We offer a variety of Segway Tours:
Jewish Rome Segway Tour
Ancient Rome Segway Tour
Rome Day Segway Tour
Rome Night Segway Tour
Appian Way Segway Tour
All Rome – Private Segway Tour
Tours are available in Italian, English, Hebrew and Russian.
Our Jewish Rome Segway Tour is passed by Uriah or Guy, Both Hebrew/English Speaking, we have been living in Rome for years now, learning its history, stories, legends and hidden places. During the Jewish Rome Segway Tour we usually show the following places:
Arch of Titus (menorah) and Colosseum, Roman Forums, Capitoline Hill, Jewish Ghetto and great synagogue , Aventine Hill (Rose garden) Circus Maximus and few other suprises.
IF you have just a few hours to see the city or would like to have a guided tour in a new and alternative way we are just the perfect choice!

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