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Kosher Vacation
Hotel Aurelia 

Rabbi Benzion Rabinowitz Shlita - Admur mi-Biale
Quality Kashrut:
Glatt Kosher Le-Mehadrin
Sukkot 2019
Starting at 1190 for the whole Sukkot per person.
Hotel Aurelia is hosting Sukkot of My Kosher Hotel of Avi and Beilnda Netzer: this prestigious hotel offers elegant accommodations and a very friendly service; swimming pool and a Spa are available. The restaurant will be managed by My Kosher Hotel Staff: a guarantee of amazing taste and abundance! A beautiful and spacious Succah will be built in the garden, in front of the Hotel and next to the pool. Click-on to the Hotel Aurelia website:

Hotel Aurelia, open all year round, gives you the peace and privacy of a large garden that leads directly to the private beach. It is one of the most renowned hotels in Milano Marittima, with a loyal clientele that appreciates the airy and well-kept rooms, which today are completely renovated and embellished with high quality materials. Impeccable service thanks to the efficient and professional staff, which is always combined with the warm hospitality of the Batani Family (Owners of the Grand Hotel Rimini).

Closest airports:
- Bologna km 100 (approx. 1 hr)
- Ancona km 130 (approx. 1,5 hr)
- Venice or Verona km 250 (approx. 2,5 hrs)
- Milano Malpensa Km 350 (approx. 3,5 hrs)

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