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Mikvah, Ritual Bath
Miqwe di casa Bianca alla Giudecca 

Via Alagona 53 - Syracuse
+39.0931.22255 Send a message on Whatsapp
to visitors
Opening Hours:
11 AM - 7 PM
Holidays just in the morning
€5 per person
The Mikveh, situated in the Jewish Quarter of Syracuse, could be visited with a guided tour, groups are required to reserve in advance.

This site, the centre of Jewish spiritual life, testifies to the existence of the Syracusan Jewish community, the most ancient in the Mediterranean area. The Miqweh, a Jewish bath for ritual purification, is located 18 metres below ground level and fed by pure spring water. This is unique among ritual baths in Europe because it retains its integrity, beauty and fascination.
Map of Miqwe di casa Bianca alla Giudecca

Photo of Miqwe di casa Bianca alla Giudecca

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