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Shabbat Meal
Chabad at Gam Gam 
Communal Shabbat Meals

Sestiere Cannaregio, 1122 - Venice
1. Meals can not be divided between GAM GAM & the Gallery.
2. Sample Friday Night Dinner Menu: Shabbat Salads, Fish, Soup, Main Course, Sides, Dessert, Wine & Challah for kiddush.
3. Sample Shabbat Day Lunch Menu: Shabbat Salads, Fish, Cholent, Sides, Dessert, Wine & Challah for kiddush. Seuda Shlishit is also served (parve).
4. Difference between GAM GAM & the Gallery: Both are private table options; GAM GAM is more luxury meaning luxury atmosphere, more food & food/wine choices.
Rabbi Rami Banin;
Chabad of Venice offers a complete Shabbat meal with all the trimmings, abundant, well-organized and where each person is made to feel personally taken care of (Dinner, Lunch & Seudah Shelishlit).

Minimum donation: 126 euro per person, please consider donating in amounts of 18=Chai (126,180, 252, 360 etc...)

Take-out option available, orders must be placed and prepaid by Thursday.
Map of Chabad at Gam Gam

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