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Shabbat Meals
Cantina Giuliano (Fixed Menu)
Via Croce, 3 - 56035 Casciana Alta
Certification: Rav Avraham Dayan, Glatt Kosher Le’Mehadrin
Beit Chabad Florence
Via dei Pilastri 48 - Florence
Certification: Rabbi E. Borenstein, Glatt
Open Shabbat and Holidays
Responsible: Rabbi Eli Borenstein;
Beit Chabad (Ashkenazic and Israeli Meat catering and take away)
Via Soderini 3 - Milan
Open Open also during August
Responsible: Rabbi Sendi Wilshansky;
Chabad City Center
Via Arcimboldi 1 - Milan
Responsible: Rav Joel Bassali;
Chabad for Students (Shabbat meals)
Via Francesco carlini 5 - Milan
Responsible: Rabbi Tzemach Mizrachi;
Shabbat in the Synagogue
Vicoletto Santa Maria a Cappella Vecchia 31 - 80121 Naples
Responsible: Rabbi Cesare Moscati;
Lisa Kosher (Eat In or Take Away)
Certification: Rabbi I. Hazan (Chabad), Glatt, Chalav Israel
Responsible: Bino Rubin;
Shabbat Box Rome (Meals delivered)
Certification: Rabbi Michael Canarutto, Glatt
Shabbat Meal with Chabad
Viale di Villa Massimo, 39 - Rome
Responsible: Rabbi Menachem Lazar;
Chabad at Gam Gam (Communal Shabbat Meals)
Sestiere Cannaregio, 1122 - Venice
Responsible: Rabbi Rami Banin;

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