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Kosher Vacation
Hotel Simplon 
Pesach Vacation

Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 52 - 28831 Baveno
Rabbi D. S. Zoldan Shlit"a
Quality Kashrut:
Mehadrin min HaMehadrin no kitniyot or shruya, shmurah matza (hand or machine).
Feder family;
Hotels within 15 min. Walking Distance:
The Simplon Hotel, over looking the Lake Maggiore, happily waiting to host you, is located in the heart of the magical and well-maintained park that stretches over about twenty thousands meters, and allows you to feel like you're in another world. The view that can be seen from the hotel windows is simply breathtaking.

At the hotel, a special emphasis is placed on complete aesthetic pleasure: all rooms feature modern and elegant design. In addition, every room available for your selection is furnished with air conditioning, a safe, voicemail, hairdryer, two telephones and a minibar. All of these are provided to make sure that you feel nice and cozy.

You can also select upgraded rooms which include a charming sitting area, a private bath for your comfort and a pampering shower. The stunning suites that the hotel offers include an open and pleasant balcony.

For the art lovers among you, we have a fantastic experience waiting for you. There is a breathtaking art gallery located in the corridor between the two nearby hotels - the Simplon and the Grand Hotel Dino. You can spend plenty of time to view the great works displayed there for your enjoyment.

Regarding the spiritual way of life? Don't worry, we can provide a truly Jewish atmosphere to suit your lifestyle. The prayer services are conducted in a large hall, and there are daily Daf Yomi classes and Torah lectures offered by some of the finest speakers. There is also a rich religious library available for your enjoyment.

The gastronomic aspects were considerably cared for, to the best of the Feder Family and Tour Olam tradition. All of the delicious and gourmet meals throughout are Kosher and elegant, as required for a Passover holiday. The main Seder (for those interested) will be condacted by an experienced Rabbi and Cantor.
Even the background was prepared with your comfort in mind: the restaurant is surrounded by blooming greenery, with large windows that allow a view of the landscape at any given time, and the ceiling is tastefully decorated and painted with warm and soft colors.

A wide and varied health treat awaits you. A special health complex operates between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. At the reception, any guest can order a personal entrence to access any of the health options, which include: a Turkish Hammam steam bath that allows you to rid toxins and impurities from your body, a pampering Jacuzzi, a recommended gym containing 40 fitness machines, relaxing massages, a sauna room and a lovely swimming pool.

The kids have also been thought of. A rich and varied game room offers a number of activities for any age, and babysitting services are available for guests on demand. This way, you can enjoy your tours confidently, knowing that your children are being care for.

So, everything is ready, every detail has been planned, and a perfect and enjoyable family vacation with Tour Olam is awaiting you - with the most professional and courteous staff, for the last 20 years.
Map of Hotel Simplon

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