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Jewish Tour
Rome Forever 

Sara Procaccia;
Sara, an expert in history and art, offers Jewish tours plus a variety of general tours:

1)Jewish tour :
Walking tour of the Ghetto
Campo de Fiori
Jewish museum + Spanish and Great Synagogues
Tiberina Island
2.200 years of history of the ancient Jewish community of the Roman Empire
2:30 hours

2) Shabat walking tour:
The walking tour of the best squares and fountains of Rome:
Campo de Fiori
4 rivers fountains
Trevis fountain
Spanish steps
Piazza Colonna
2:30 hours

3) Colosseum, Titus arch, and Roman forum
Competition, conquer, and business of the Roman Empire through the Jewish perspective.

4) Vatican museums with or without the Sistine Chapel.
The most important museums in the world,
The garden of the Pope
The courtyard
The project of Michelangelo: the Jewish Kabalah through the eyes of the most important genius of the renaissance.

5)Borghese gallery:
The unique and exclusive villa was built for the Cardinal Borghese. The most important example the baroque art.

Each private walking tour €. 200,00 per couple

The tickets are not included:
Jewish Museum and Synagogues
€.11,00 per adult

Colosseum, Titis arsch and Roman forum
€. 25,00 per adult
Free for students up to 17 years old

Vatican museums: €.25,00 per adult

BORGHESE Gallery: €. 23,00 per adult

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