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Kosher Hotel
Farmhouse Le Macie 

Strada Provinciale 9, n. 52 - 53019 Castelnuovo Berardenga
Daniele Della Seta;
The farmhouse Le Macie is a family-run tourist facility, inside an organic farm certified since 2001, directed by Maria Pellegrini and Daniele Della Seta.

In the heart of Chianti, about 480 meters above sea level, Le Macie is overlooking Siena and dominates, with a view of three hundred and sixty degrees the surrounding countryside; is therefore the ideal place for those who want to enjoy the quiet of an authentic rural landscape of the Tuscan hills, made of woods, vineyards and olive groves, the unique charm of a farmhouse in Chianti, just a few minutes from Siena.

The apartments for guests are located in the farmhouse of the '700 century, where we also live the owners, and in the old barn, recently renovated, offering comfort and quietness. In the farm there are also an infinity pool and a Jacuzzi.

By definition, the farmhouse is a structure in which guests are staying at a farm. There is therefore no farmhouse without agriculture. The farmhouse Le Macie is located in the center of the facility, specializing in the production of typical products of the Chianti region. In particular, the wines are produced in the new cellar, built respecting the architectural and environmental criteria of the Chianti area, through the use of local materials and the use of sustainable energy sources.

Daniele and Maria, the owners of the farm, they want to preserve the uniqueness of this land through sustainable agriculture, sensitive to the traditions of Chianti and the conservation of biodiversity.

Organic production is based on the careful cultivation of vines and olive trees, the selected and manual pruning, the use of organic products and controlled grassing, everything to make plants more resistant to disease and increase the organic matter of the soil. Those staying in the farm will have the opportunity to attend these rural works that alternate in the farm during seasons: from the pruning of the vines and olive trees to the maintenance and care of the fruits and beekeeping practices, from the grape harvest and olive picking to the production of wine, oil and honey. During the stay is then possible taste the farm products, all strictly organic.

The most obvious result of a sustainable agricultural practice is to maintain biodiversity. On the farm in fact, there are many plants and flowers of the area, typical of the Mediterranean flora, from the holly to the Corbezzolo tree, from many aromatic plants to beautiful spontaneous orchids. Fireflies, bees and ladybugs flit among the flowers in the warmer seasons. In addition to plants, during your stay is it possible to observe many species of birds, some rarely seen elsewhere. At sunset is it possible to meet or hear more timid animals such as owls, tawny owls, hedgehogs, porcupines, foxes, badgers, wild boars and roe deer.
Map of Farmhouse Le Macie

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