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Kosher Hotel
Neman Maison Expirience 

Via del Portico d'Ottavia, 9 - 00186 Rome
Kosher breakfast Parve (halav stam)- served open out of kosher Parve or “approved” products (have no kosher stamp from halav stam): hot fresh croissant and bread (from the kosher bakery downstairs, “parve”), boiled eggs, Fresh vegetables and fruits, orange juice, Nutella, Philadelphia cheese, yogurt, Kelloggs cereal, honey, cappuccino, espresso, tea.
Nofar Kashi;
Stylish boutique B&B, part of the NEMAN Collection as LEA Luxury Rooms, at the prime location of the Pantheon quarter at the heart of the jewish ghetto parameter. Our rooms are decorated with Italian Marbel with Velvet finishing touches, well-equipped made to satisfy all your needs while visiting our amazing city. Each room has free smartphone with Italian sim offering free calls worldwide and wifi.

NEMAN respect the Jewish neighbourhood in which it is located, and offers its Kosher guests complementary services.
KOSHER breakfast in house
Shabat boyler
Shabbat key Belt
Map of Neman Maison Expirience

Photo of Neman Maison Expirience

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