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Some history of the Chabad Venice
In October of 1998, a new era dawned on the Jewish community of Venice. For the first time in 177 years, a full time Yeshiva was established in the Jewish Ghetto. Just as in the old times, when Venice was a great center of Torah erudition which saw the first printing of the Shulchan Aruch (code of Jewish law), Torah is being studied with diligence. Fifteen Yeshiva students have flown in from as far as Moscow, Russia, and Los Angeles, California, to help revive the rich tradition of Jewish scholarship in Venice.

The Yeshiva students at the Jewish Academy of Venice dedicate up to fifteen hours of each day to Torah study. They welcome all guests, tourists, and visitors to visit the Yeshiva, located on the east side of the Jewish ghetto square. Visitors are encouraged to join the students for one-on-one Torah study sessions. Every person is welcomed, regardless of Jewish background, to study subjects ranging from the Aleph Bet to Chasidic Philosophy. You can put on Tefillin in the Yeshiva, or just walk in to drink coffee and shmooze.

Join the many visitors who perform Mitzvot and kind deeds in Venice, and in so doing hasten the coming of the needed Moshiach. The Yeshiva is open from 7:30 AM to midnight.

Synagogue, Shul
Chabad Venice 

Campo di Ghetto Nuovo, 2915 - Venice
Opening Hours:
Shacharit: Weekday 9:30 AM, Shabbos 10 AM.
Mincha: Weekday 3:15 PM.
Maariv: 6:45 PM during the winter and 9:30 PM in the summer.
Rabbi Rami Banin;
Hotels within 15 min. Walking Distance:
Getting There:
Boat 41, 42, 51, 52 stop at Guglie-Ghetto;
Siddurim available for all with English translation.
Map of Chabad Venice

Photo of Chabad Venice

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