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Some history of the The Sephardi synagogue
The Sephardi synagogue in Pesaro , built in 1642, is an impressive example of the Baroque in Jewish architecture. From Heikhal to Bimah and the superb stucco ceiling connecting the two poles, the unique art of this synagogue resembles an exquisitely decorated jewel box where every detail is fully justified. The Heikhal departs from familiar patterns and resembles a gigantic crown beneath which and in whose shadow stands the Ark itself. In this synagogue the crown can be understood as a representation of the dome typical to Holy Arks of the region.

Despite the last example, Jewish Baroque was different from its Christian counterpart, which aspired to create an illusion of the infinite, the mysterious, and the unattainable. Although Jewish Baroque was an excellent artistic imitation of the Christian model, it lacked the model's characteristic religious commitment. On the contrary, the material means of the synagogues were not intended to achieve the infinite. That goal was attainable exclusively through prayer and meditation.

Now only the Sephardic or Spanish Synagogue is left since the near unsafed Italian Sinagogue has been destroyed in the 40s .

Set in the heart of the old town , within the old city walls , the synagogue does not appear from the outside like a religious place : its enclosed in a building facing “Via del Ghetto Grande” (now Sara Levi Nathan Street)

In this building togheter with the administration department were the Jewish school, the nursery school , the Jeshiva of Cabala studies, the front of the building is south-east directed, toward Jerusalem. There you can find the big entrance for men, as well as the smallest one for women. The entrance for men has got a little door made of stone and renewed in the 19 th century in this time in order to find space for the lunotto, the doors height is reduced, but the number of the frames in each door is not reduced (so the fifth frame on the top was smaller than the others) in fact, according with the Cabala, the number five is important : remember the sentence “ Your hand has got five fingers, and not four, its made to give, not to take. The door , recently renewed, has got today 6 frames, other things during the renovation has been changed.

Synagogue, Shul
The Sephardi synagogue 

Via delle Scuole / Via Sara Levi Nathan 25 - Pesaro
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Map of The Sephardi synagogue

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