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Some history of the Heichal David u-Mordechai
This building, in the East-West part of the city, was rebuilt after the second world war, and was originally designed by the architects Beltrami and Tenenti between 1890 and 1892. The only original part still remaining is the Eastern style facade covered with marble and coloured stone. The post-war reconstruction is attributed to the architects D'Urbino and Tedeschi and took place in 1947. It is stylistically a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional plans of Beltrami.
Synagogue, Shul
Heichal David u-Mordechai 

Via Guastalla 19 - Milan
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Opening Hours:
Shacharit: 7:45 AM, Shabbat 9 AM.
Mincha-Arvit: at candle lighting.
Rabbi Alfonso Arbib (Chief Rabbi);
Hotels within 15 min. Walking Distance:
Disabled access is available.
The main entrance is not used usually.
Guided visits last about 75 minutes and cost 5 euro for children and 8 euro for adults.
Map of Heichal David u-Mordechai

Photo of Heichal David u-Mordechai

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