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Some history of the Ex-Synagogue
The date of the constuction of the synagogue is unknown but around the year 1750 it restaurated with a beautifull Ark (Aron Kodesh) and a Bima.

In 1973 the Ark, complete with its original Torah lectern, worshipers' benches, and the latticed railing from the women's balcony, was moved to the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv and is now situated in a hall built in accordance with the plans of the original synagogue. This ark reflects the Baroque and Rococo styles typical of the Piedmont district of northwestern Italy and represents an excellent example of the impact of local style on historical Jewish themes.

The highlight of the Ark is the set of doors carved with architectural images symbolizing the Temple in Jerusalem to be built in the future, thus expressing the centrality of Jerusalem in Jewish tradition.

In 2005 the halls that contained the Synagogue were restauranted as well as it's fašade and connected with a bridge to the City Hall bulding and serves the City for official events.

Synagogue, Shul

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Map of Ex-Synagogue

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