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Some history of the Great Synagogue of Rome
The Main Synagogue is a place of worship for Roman Jews on the banks of the Tiber, near isola tiberina. It is a large building that supports an aluminium-coated pavilion cupola. It dates back to the early 20th century and was designed by the architects, Armanni and Costa.

The Synagogue was built in memory of the Ghetto. This was created under the orders of Paolo IV in 1555. Rome's Jewish population was forced to live in the Ghettos squalid conditions until 1870.

Outside the domed sanctuary decked in the floral designs of Art Nouveau, it remains under continual police surveillance, since 1982, when terrorists targeted the building during the Lebanon War.

Synagogue, Shul
Great Synagogue of Rome 

Lungotevere Cenci - Rome
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All services daily
Opening Hours:
Shacharit: Weekday 7:45 AM, Shabbos-Holidays 8:30 AM.
Mincha-Maariv: on time.
Security; Email:
Hotels within 15 min. Walking Distance:
Kiddush served after Shabbat Shacharit services.
Disabled access is available.
In order to enter during Shabbat and Holidays security clearance must be completed by clicking here.
No cameras allowed even on cellphones.
Tours of the synagogue are available through the Jewish Museum.
Map of Great Synagogue of Rome

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