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Some history of the Minutello Viaggi
The Jewish catacombs of Venosa were discovered by accident in 1853. After several restoration and consolidation works, they can be now visited. Evidence exists that between the fourth and the ninth century AD a large number of Jews were living in the town. The ancient catacombs of Venosa are the most important in South Italy: their galleries are wider than those at Rome, but their importance lies in the inscriptions. Traces of Jewish colony can be also found in the Unfinished Church ( XII century) that is in the archeological park. The stone blocks used to build the church came from the nearby roman ruins and from the catacombs, therefore there are inscription in hebrew, menorahs and David stars on many of the stones.
Jewish Tour
Minutello Viaggi 
Jewish Catacombs

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€90 per group (max 50 people) plus €2.50 for each person to enter the Catacombs.
The tours are in Italian, English or German.
Authorization from the local authorities is needed to visit the Catacombs, tours have to be booked in advance in order to get the permits.

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