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Jewish Tours of Venice 

Barbara Fuochi;
Most people agree that Venice is one of the world’s most breathtaking cities. Its graceful old buildings double their images in the shimmering canals, and the city is always handsome, regardless of the season. Few other cities have attracted so many illustrious admirers. Shakespaere used it as the shadily dramatic setting for one of his best-known plays, “The Merchant of Venice”, Galileo Galilei used the bell tower in St. Marks square to test his telescope, Richard Wagner composed some of his finest works in the city. Lord Byron, DH Lawrence and H. James wrote in Venice. H.James said “have seemed to find here something that no other place could give”.

That’s way we propose you some tours. Here some ideas:

1) Gran Canal Tour
Choose the tour of the two most important streets of the city by water taxi: the Grand Canal, with its wonderful palaces, resedences of the richest families throught the centuries and the Giudecca Canal, with a glimpse to the most ancient place where the venetians are still buildings Gondolas, the squero of st.Trovaso, active since the XVIth century.

This tour lasts 1h

2) The hidden Venice and the Ghetto
A walking tour through the hidden Venice, discovering curious corners of the city, full of charme and history, to end up in the Jewish Ghetto. Spend the first part of the tour with your guide, than continue with the normal tour of the Synagogues.

This tour lasts 2h

3) Waterways tour by private boat
The best way to capture the pulse of the city is aboard your own exclusive water taxi with your private guide. The motorboat will gracefully glide along through several of the city’s most historic and pictoresque canals such as Cannaregio, Misericordia and Noale, criss-crossing ancient districts and slippin under beautiful bridges. You will than cruise along the Grand Canal, our most important street, passing by Ca’ d’Oro museum, Ca’ Pesaro, the Rialto market and bridge, Ca’Foscari, our main University, the Guggenheim Collection museum, S.M. della Salute. The motorboat willthen tourn around the Punta della Dogana and cross Giudecca Canal for a brief sight of the southern Lagoon. Passing through the S. Giorgio canal, the tour will return towards the st.Mark’s area, with a wonderful view of the square, re-entering again in the maze of pictoresque side canals, such as rio dei Greci and rio dei Mendicanti b efore costing tthe northern side of Venice. Continuing by the Arsenal of Venice, the oldest shipyard of the city, and by St.Pietro di Castello and S.Elena, you will be back to the centre.

This tour lasts 2h

4) Islands Tour
Enjoy the island tour with the visit of the main sites in the northern part of the Lagoon by water taxi, starting with Murano, the island famous for glass making since the XIIIth century, Burano, famous for lace and for its wonderful colorful houses; a really pleasant fishing village to walk around.
Choose either a half day or a full day tour, with the option to add two more islands: St. Francesco del Deserto and St. Lazzaro degli Armeni on a full day excurtion. St. Francis of the Desert is a really peaceful island with an active, even if quite small, group of franciscan friars. St. Lazzaro, wher monks still produce their own jam and liquour, and with a wonderful library with more than 150,000 manuscripts dating back to Middle Ages and different miniatures.

This tour lasts from 4h up to 8h

5) Cannaregio and Ghetto
Far from the crowd, a tour in the Cannaregio area, passing by the house of Marco Polo, the house of our famous painter Tintoretto, a fine view of the north of the Lagoon, to end up in the Ghetto to learn the unique history of the Jewish community in Venice, what life was for the Jews throughout the centuries and the role they played in the Venetian society.

This tour lasts 2h

All the tour have pick up from the hotel.

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