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History of Jewish Trino Vercellese
The origins of the community are unkown, but the first documentation of Jewish setteling is in 1525 of two Jewish printers that lived in the city, Albigodoz Levi and Nathanael Halfan di Perez, the first certain numbers are from 1761 when in the ghetto lived 6 families with 35 members, in 1799 the number grew to 47 members, in 1839, the Jews were 53, and their number increased to 100 in 1880; the number declined to 40 in 1911 and from then a gradual but constant reduction of their number can be seen.

The community grew thinner and thinner until it was extinguished and integrated into the Torino commuity before WWII.

In 1973, the Ark of the Synagogue from the 18th Century was brought to the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, where it was installed in a hall built especially for it in the original style of the Italian synagogue.

Jewish Cemeteries
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